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  • What is Chetana DL?
    Chetana is a volunteer-run non-profit organization. Chetana volunteers are involved in several service projects in and around Portland surrounding the four pillars - Environment, Education, Hunger and Empowerment. You can find more information about the various projects Chetana is involved in by visiting our website Due to the recent pandemic, a group of Chetana volunteers decided to start an online tutoring platform (Chetana Distance Learning (DL)) to help our youth with their school work and keep them active and engaged with online activities. This platform was initiated in March soon after the quarantine began.
  • What classes are offered through Chetana DL?
    During the school year we offer Math, English, Science, Chess, Programming, Spanish, and during holidays we try to offer non-academic classes. For more information please contact us at
  • Who will be conducting the sessions?
    All classes will be taught by youth tutors (ages 14+).
  • Is there a cost involved to attend these sessions?
    The cost is $100/student/subject. Please visit - This payment will be used towards providing educational supplies and support to the less-privileged students in the Beaverton and Portland Public School Districts locally and VIDYA schools (catered to providing education to the marginalized community) in India.
  • Is there an age limit to be a student?
    Grades 1 - 7 for English & Science Grades 1 - 9 for Math
  • Does a student have a guaranteed spot in a class he/she enrolled?
    Although we try to place all the students, we cannot guarantee a spot as it depends on the demand for the session and tutor availability.
  • Is there an age limit to be a tutor?
    Yes. All of our tutors are 14+ years of age.
  • If my student is unable to attend a session, what should we do?"
    If your student will be late to class or missing a session, please inform your student's tutor before the session begins. If there is a significant schedule conflict and your student will be missing multiple sessions, please send an email to your tutor and If there is a lack of communication and irregular attendance, your student will be deprioritized in the next sessions' class assignments.
  • How do I know my class schedule and timings?
    The tutors will get in touch with the students a week before the term starts to finalize the schedule and timings.
  • I have signed up for a class but I have not heard from my tutor yet. What should i do?
    Please contust us at
  • What is the tutoring platform?
    Commonly used platform is zoom. Some tutors use google meet or skype.
  • Can I request for a tutor of my choice or change tutors after the sessions has started?
    We try to match the students to tutors to the best of our abilities. It is difficult to handle tutor change requests after the sessions have begun. If you are not happy with a tutor, please email us at and we will try to work out the situation on a case by case basis.
  • What time zone will the classes be conducted in?
    Pacific Standard Time
  • What curriculum does Chetana DL follow?
    We recommend our tutors to use the Beaverton School District Learning Targets as a guideline to begin with ( After the initial class the tutors are able to discuss with their students to assess their academic needs and customize the tutoring accordingly.
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