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Kudos to Chetana Foundation and Team, this is an amazing idea to engage kids (Both Tutors and Students) in this pandemic. Tutors are doing fantastic job teaching kids

Tutors are doing a great job in teaching kids with special interest. Thanks to the whole process, well executed so far.

The tutoring process is so good. Thanks for doing this. These kids are so nice and patient. Better than outside coaches.

All the teachers had a good lesson plan that took up the right amount of time and they asked about what we wanted to learn. Also when they taught, they asked if we had questions and gave us feedback.

My daughter is learning new things, thanks Chetana Foundation

All tutors are fabulous.. Thank you for all your effort and time

Very grateful to the Chetana Youth program for hosting these online tutoring sessions.  They explain all the concepts in detail and in easy to understand methods.  Flexible with the timings, which helps to navigate thru other class conflicts

I learned so many new topics. Tutors are very kind and knowledgeable.

Extremely Excellent Tutors!!
Have a lot of patience and very friendly and interesting way of teaching.

Whole program is awesome. I really appreciate Chetana for bringing in such an innovative idea. Tutors are doing a great job in engaging the young kids. It is not easy to teach young kids

Thank you for teaching and engaging the kids during these tough times. We appreciate your help. Keep up the good work.

Bravo kids!! You guys are doing such a fantastic job!! God bless you all.

Very nice tutors. Excellent explanation and very kind, polite and patient

Great tutoring and lot of new experiments explored in science

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